Sometimes people say positive things about my work. I’m very grateful. It makes me a bit uncomfortable putting them here in one place like I LOVE MYSELF. But you should love yourself. And sometimes promoters need them for press stuff. So there.

‘Incisive, insightful, and utterly delightful’ – Apples and Snakes

‘Northern love/loss/laughter poems that sound like they should be written in empty chip paper and thrown at you from the top of the night bus.’ – Tongue Fu

‘Normally, when I don’t have much to say about a headliner, it’s because I don’t have many nice things to say, or I’m trying to kill a high word count, but this is the first time I can recall it being so wildly the opposite. Sally’s work is riveting and enthralling, equal parts surreal and identifiable, in some way I’m upset I couldn’t take more notes, but I wouldn’t have missed any second of her performance for the world.’ – Whisky and Beards

“Weaving the lyrical with the everyday in a tone choked with feeling… effectively use(ing) evocative details to create atmosphere”  –Sabotage Review

Praise for Boys:

Jenkinson is known primarily as a performance poet, but these poems repay a close reading and attention that wouldn’t usually be expected from poems written for the stage. There’s a precision, an ear for the rhythm of language, and an idiosyncratic way of looking at and responding to the world that lifts these poems from the page and prints them indelibly on the memory of the reader. The fine line between the poem as something to be read aloud in public and something to be enjoyed in private is walked here, and it lends a tension to the collection which makes it compelling.‘ –Ian Parks, Doncopolitan Magazine

‘Sally Jenkinson’s poetry seizes you, strong-voiced and unsparing, each image and phrase alive, landing perfectly on its mark.’ –Tanya Hershman

‘As striking and stark as its title. Every poem forces you to read it twice, and boys and their stories seem to squat in the spaces between each word.’Bridget Minamore

Praise for Sweat-borne Secrets:

“Sensuous, surreal, bold and beautiful, Sally Jenkinson’s image-filled poems spill gloriously across the page. Often, a line will leap out and squeeze you by the throat. Poetry that sings from a poet whose song I’d like to hear more of.”Kate Fox

“‘Holding out a heart like a six-ounce sirloin’ comes SallyJenkinson with her poems of love and not-love. Here are urban adventures with gasmen and barmaids and Simon Armitage; sometimes kind, sometimes wounded but always paying attention. Sally writes with an eye to the truth, an ear to the sound of a line and always a fierce determination to tell her truth. A strong new voice, gutsy and intelligent, worth the reading.” Jo Bell

“Sally poems are like Strongbow for the soul” -Holly Blackwell, The Lovely Eggs.

Oh my goodness! Literary blog Poejazzi reviewed by debut collection ‘Sweat-borne Secrets’. I was very proud and pleased. You can read it here.

Interviews and other bits:

Here’s a nice review of a book of short stories that I was in called Born in the 1980s.

Here’s an interview with Kay Asihene on her blog, all about her introduction to poetry.

Here’s an interview with lovely Sam Kemp after I’d performed at Wychwood festival.

Here’s an interview with Raymond Antrobus for his blog ‘The Shapes and Disfigurments fo Raymond Antrobus’, which is a great blog to look around for poetry stuff.

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