saying poems

If you clicked on this tab to see videos of poems, you’ve come to the right place!

I am very lucky that talented film maker Zoe Alker made this beautiful short film from my poem Bit Red, please take a look:


Here’s two pieces (‘However Big You Think You Are’ and ‘Let’s Eat’) filmed in 2014 at the brilliant Twisted Teapot cafe in Bournemouth:

Here’s a recording of my poem ‘Bathwater’, filmed in my bedroom on a rubbish camera for Litro TV:

This is a video of my poem ‘More Words Than We Deserve’ that I recorded for The Huffington Post on Valentine’s Day in 2013:

Here is a little live excerpt from my first full-length show Folly, with live score by Nuala Honan. We affectionately call this section ‘Even Cowgirls Get The Blues’ (after the Tom Robbins novel):

This is called SWANS, and I wrote the words especially for this brilliant band Fulangchangandi. It was SO much fun recording it, hope you like it:


Here’s me fetishizing utility men (again):

Here’s a little set from 2011 at the very lovely Acoustic Night at Halo Cafe in Bristol. I was heartbroken and sleep deprived and about to leave the country. I am usually a bIt more animated. I think:

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