my face

They always want photos.

Shambala Festival 2016, Wandering Word Stage. Photo credit – Tilly May Photography:



Here’s a lovely picture that Tilly May took during my set at Shambala Festival in 2014:

Sally Jenkinson 2015 photo credit Tilly May


Performing at Glastobury Festival in 2014:

Photo by Matt Gillet

Photo by Matt Gillet


Melanie Flash took these two. She is an awesome photographer and performer and songwriter.

Photo my Melanie Flash

Photo my Melanie Flash



Excellent photgrapher Lydia Beardmore took these:


Wearing silly clothes whilst compering the Wandering Word Stage at Shambala festival 2012:


My good friend Adam Simons took this. Isn’t it cool?:.

2 thoughts on “my face

  1. Hi Sally, I sat next to you on a plane back from Kuala Lumpur and, in between sleeping-pill drowsiness, had some lovely chats but then lost you guys at the airport. It was lovely to meet you both and I hope to see you in some field in the UK this summer!

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