Poetry Pulpit

Poetry Pulpit was formed on a bit of a whim in November 2010, and ran until March 2013. It was a friendly little spoken word open mic hosted by Sally Jenkinson and Liz Greenfield on the second Sunday of every month at the very lovely Leftbank in Bristol.

Everyone was welcome to say a poem out loud! It’s was night of performance poetry and music we love peppered with lyrical displays of unmeasurable insobriety.

It is now dead, because Liz Greenfield has moved to Paris to waft around eating baguettes, and I am very busy writing poems and staring out of windows. Also, Neil Young told us that its better to burn out than to fade away.

It was one of my favourite things ever ever that I have done with my whole life. You can see some pictures and hear some audio here http://www.poetrypulpit.com.

The poets we have featured over the years proudly inlclude… David J, WIlf Merttens, Rosy Carrick, Adam Kammerling, Paula Varkjack, Mon Merttens, Lydia Beardmore, Andi Langford-Woods, James Davey, Anna Freeman, Tom Sastry, Al Cummins, Master Duncan, Karen Dews, Solomon Scribble, Jackie Hagan, Inua Ellams, Josh Ward, Bohdan Piasecki, Jodi Ann Bickley, Daniela Gale, Christine Cooper, Jo Bell, Mo The People’s Nun, Grace SImms, Aki Shilz, Mark Grist, Steve Duncan, Lucy Ayrton, Tina Sederholm, Ian Irwin, David (and Joyce) Williams, Mark Pierce, Alabaster DePLume and Vanessa Kissuule, to name but a few. We are a planning a few transcontinental ventures in the future. Watch this space. We’re dead good at making stuff happen, in a funny sort of way.

Thats us down there.

Poetry Pulpit

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