Phantom Laundry

We like poetry, and good words of all kinds. But we also like music. And we don’t see why you can’t have them all on one stage.

We run sporadic but wonderful events in the fair city of Bristol, and we were also very proud to be bring a venue to Shambala 2017.

Our Shambala 2017 line-up can be admired here.

(Most of) the Phantom Laundry 2017 stage crew

(Most of) the Phantom Laundry 2017 stage crew Photo credit: Tilly May Photography

Phantom Laundry is a collective of poets, musicians, DJs and other arts wankers who search far and wide throughout the year to bring you the very best in poetry, spoken word, live music and fine vinyl from across the UK and beyond.

Showcasing big shiny (inter)national treasures of the poetry scene, alongside a program of the most incisive, diverse and vital new wordsmiths in town, we hope our poetry-filled days will leave you awestruck, open-hearted and bursting to dance, as we pour you into evenings full of delicious music from our most favourite bands, hip-hop artists and DJs.

‘…by which she would recognize that poetry
isn’t revolution but a way of knowing
why it must come.’ (Adrienne Rich, ‘Dreamwood’)


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