favourite things

These are the reasons I get out of bed.

If you don’t know what to do with your day, just spend all day looking at these things. You’ll feel better I promise.

Here is Nuala Honan, she is a BRILLIANT singer songwriter.

Here is Jamie Harrison I love him ok?

This is popular poet, storyteller and international travel journalist Wilf Merttens.

Jeremy Toombs is the real Kentucky McCoy.

You better know… Dreadlockalien.

Rosy Carrick! Rosy Carrick! Rosy Carrick!

Tiny rapper and excellent poet Adam Kammerling.

My friend Ben Hooper takes brilliant photos.

So does my friend Adam Simons. He took that brilliant double exposure photo of me.

And Ella Frost took the photograph from the front of Sweat-borne Secrets.

Alabaster de Plume makes me want to make things.

Honeyfeet make me dance.

Melanie Flash is an excellent photographer and human being. She takes photographs at Poetry Pulpit and we are very lucky to have her because she is one of the best performance photographers out there.

Have a little look at lovely poet Laurie Bolger why don’t you?

Liz Greenfield is my partner in crime. I mean that literally. She makes me shoplift things from Asda.

Tilly May takes amazing photographs. She took photos of our first performance of Folly and they are brilliant.

Here’s the best live band in the entire universe, The Lovely Eggs

Here’s my favourite living ginger poet (and award winning novelist) Anna Freeman.

Here’s manchester hero Solomon Scribble

My publisher is Burning Eye Books, they are a really brilliant small press. As well as ME, they are currently working with such a mind blowing list of talented people that I can hardly begin to list them, but they include: Joelle Taylor, Salena Godden, Rob Auton and Anna Freeman. Phew!


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