favourite things

I struggle to properly express with mere words how much life, energy, and inspiration my fellow artists and peers give me. Yes, some of these people are my friends, but they’re also incredible at what they do. And some are not my friends, I’ve just been lucky enough to catch their work and hope that you will too!

Poets I love:

Rebecca Tantony

Dreadlock Alien

Michelle Madsen

Keisha Thompson

Alabaster DePlume

Anna Freeman

Rosy Carrick

Deanna Rodger



Musicians I love:

Nuala Honan

Jamie Harrison

The Lovely Eggs





Photographers I love

Ella Frost – Ella let me use one of her photographs for the cover of Sweat-borne Secrets. She’s an incredible photographer and also part of the team that produces Black Fly Magazine, a publication exploring racism within sexual health for PoC. Check out the links below.

Tilly May takes amazing photographs. She took photos of our first performance of Folly and they are brilliant. She also take beatiful live photograph of our venue at Shambala every year.


Filmakers I love:

Zoe Alker (and also poet Vaness Kissuule!)

Becky Bell

Ben Hooper (and also storyteller Wilf Merttens!)


Other things I love:

My publisher is Burning Eye Books, they are a really indie small press. Please do click the link and check out all the brilliant poets they publish!

My friend Hannah makes genuinely the best vegan cakes in the universe:

Lizi Morse is a beautiful illustrator and is currently working on a book called The Dreamer Fish:

Arborhouse are quality wood workers, and very handsome chaps!




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