Scratch performance of new show ‘Like The Water’ THIS SUNDAY in Bristol

I am currently developing a new piece of spoken work theatre called ‘Like The Water’, with musician Nuala Honan. I wrote the original manuscript for the show whilst I was artist in residence at the Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute in East Iceland in 2016.

The story follows a teenage girl, Bee, as she processes her grief following the death of her step sister Ember, whilst simultaneously trying to navigate all the usual challenges of adolescence; body worries, parties, social anxiety, boys, and her own sexuality.

I tried to approach the tone of the story in a way which empowers its majority female characters, showing their triumphs, challenges, mistakes, conflicts and (ultimately) love for each other as a journey of growth and exploration, without shame or sensationalism.

It is set by the sea in Morecambe in Lancashire, where I worked as a waitress when I was 18, and where the idea for this story first started to germinate.

If you are a Bristol local then I would LOVE you to come along this Sunday to The Wardrobe Theatre on Old Market at 7.30pm to watch our first public scratch of the show and give us your feedback. Its Pay What You Feel and we need your in put!

With love Sally x

LIKE THE WATER (show) – Homesick Productions

Press pack

Later I Am Talking To A Boy And

I do not say
that I am hot and swollen all time
with anger and love,
that I cannot forgive you

for leaving me here
to go to parties on my own
and hide in the room with the coats
because it was always you
that did the talking.

Bee’s sister is dead. But she’s still got a lot of things she wants to say to her. Plus, there isn’t really anyone else to talk to when you’re a teenage girl and you live a seaside town in the north of England which is twinned with The End of The World.

Sally Jenkinson and Nuala Honan (Homesick productions) are currently developing their new show, Like The Water. It is a poetic, musical journey through grief, adolescence. sexuality, and the enduring, transformative love which can exist in all kinds female relationships.

The show is built from Sally Jenkinson’s poetic novella Like The Water, forthcoming from Burning Eye books, and written whilst she was Artist in Residence at The Gunnar Gunnarson Institute in Iceland. Alongside Nuala Honan’s improvised sonic landscape, using an electric guitar and a whole mess of pedals and wires and weird and gorgeous sounds.

Homesick Production’s previous show, Folly, toured the UK in 2013 and then won an Artists International Development Grant from Arts Council England and The British Council to tour Australia, and run for two weeks at the Adelaide Fringe, in 2014.

Trailer for Folly:
Praise for Folly:

‘There is a visceral sense of authenticity which draws the listeners further into the world.’ – 4 **** Krystoff Magazine (AUS)

‘Jenkinson’s words offer many lyrical highlights, painting some appealing and vivid images along the way… Honan’s inspired playing ranges from the lightest of touches to driving rhythms that match the vocals for power. It’s also quite lovely to look at; inexplicably visually lush.’ – Rip It Up Magazine (AUS)

‘The poetry, from Sally Jenkinson, a Yorkshire wordsmith with an endearingly idiosyncratic style, riffs on the impulse to flee… Behind and around it is an impressive and powerful soundscape from Nuala Honan, a dynamo solo artist in her own right. With all the taught energy of a caged musical lioness her harmonies, rhythms and percussions provide an atmospheric backing that conveys all the barely contained emotions of the jilted lover, the lost soul, the wondrous traveller, the jaded backpacker’s despair and the explosive joy of a new resolution.’ – Talk Fringe Reviews, Adelaide Fringe (AUS)

Twitter @sallysomewhere

Instagram @sally_jenkinson

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