Notes from Skriduklaustur, East Iceland. #3

This week I climbed up to Hengifoss, the second highest watefall in East Iceland. There is a tried an tested tourist path all the way up, but I’ll be honest I felt like an intrepid explorer, or Benedikt going to collect his sheep. There were parts where I couldn’t see another living soul, or even sign of life (house, car, road, shed) anywhere, which was an amazing feeling. The landscape up there reminded me most of the yorkshire moors, though obviously the mountains are much bigger. The floor is springy dry grass, mosses, low plants and rocks, and completely rough, no flat spaces.

I’ve also been cycling around the Fljótsdalur valley a lot, and fallen off my bike atleast twice from staring at the mountains instead of looking where I was going.

I visited The Wilderness Centre in the Óbyggðasetur Íslands (about 10k from where I’m staying). I was lucky enough to have a tour of the museum exhibit, even though it won’t be properly open until June. It is such a beautiful and special place, every detail of the place is restored in the old style, as though you are stepping into the past. Have a look here for more details

Lastly, I have actually finished the first draft of the thing that I came here to work on. I’m going to share a tiny peep of it in a seperate post. Look out!


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