Early notes from Skriduklaustur, East Iceland. May 2016

Early notes from Skriduklaustur, East Iceland. May 2016.

It is so quiet here. I woke up in the night because it was so quiet that I though something was wrong (city girl)

And there is so much daylight, almost a midnight sun

It is a bit like dreaming awake

I saw a young wild reindeer at the side of the road, with furry antlers, and looked him in the eye

There are geese in the fields, they came from England too. They are puddling about in the fields, waiting for the snow to melt so they can go up into the mountains to nest. Puddling and honking and waiting

There so many different birds that I’m not used to, and all the birdsong sounds so lovely and strange. I notice birdsong now, because Sam likes it, and that is one of the things about a marriage

Sometimes the water smells of sulphur

The land is so beautiful, but parts of it feel gloriously unwelcoming to humans, like it wasn’t ready for us. As you walk along sometimes there are whole stretches with very few grassy banks or flat stones that say come and sit here and look around, instead the mountains tell you to keep walking and breathing, so you do

All the grass is dry, the rocks are dry and hot, but there is water everywhere. Obvious when you think about it, snow running off the hills. It carves up the earth and the stone into islands, and you have watch your step




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