NaPoWriMo #17

I haven’t got time to type up and post all the ones that I (tried) to write while I was working away. Writing on the move is difficult eh? But I don’t want to get behind on writing the new ones so I’m just going to start again from today, but not lose hope of the idea of typing up the missed (FIVE!) days at some point. I need to be better at this, I’m working away again for five days next week!


I had lost you on the way home
from school.
Pushed, panicking across
hot quiet tarmac

Apple blonde small boys
in soft cotton teeshirts
and bright shorts,
all look the same.

Fell flat from rushing and looking,
skinned my knee, scraped flesh
white to the bone.

I watched the blood bubble,
bead to the surface in a moment of calm
before starting to wail.

And you were home already.
We were both children,
blame was fluid and easy to fling,

and f I hadn’t been looking for you,
I wouldn’t have-

stop wandering off all the time,
why are you so-

fallen, useless.
Far away.

One day, I will find you
adult and unflappable.
Calm and unscarred as the tarmac.

Stride over brightly, take you by the hand
and say,
This is the way home.

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