NaPoWriMo #10

I AM writing everyday, I’m just working away from home so I haven’t had much internet to post them. Posting them is good though, it makes you be brutal with the editing. Here’s one…

Long line of churches

The woods are never quiet.
Sometimes after dark,
they may seem to have have taken their last
sleeping draught of air before sinking
into the deep and hush of sleep-
but they soon shudder themselves awake.

These trees, a night watch
keepers and curators of the wet earth. That ridge
was an old Devon hedge. This was fields before,
and forest again before that.
Nothing is so ancient or auspicious
as the ground that grew it.

Trees or henges or shopping centres
or our own selves.

And as the morning light tilts in, making
eaves and cloisters of the high branches,
you can easily see that these beams
this lovely canopy, is just the latest
in a long line of churches
built on sacred ground to capture the glow

and wonder. A holy show
of what she can do,
whenever the moods takes her.

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