NaPoWriMo #8


We are earth-bound now Baby,
you and I-
treading a level path, flat
through this new world.

We are not for elevating.
Happy on our backs,
happy on the move,
happy staring skywards and exploring

with our eyes on the horizon.
We can’t climb, wend
our way around and zig-zag
to gather height for a vantage point.

Oh, we are here. Look,
where we’ve ended up.
Can you see the sea,
between those buildings?

No match for the stairways,
we are intrepid with
stout boots and wheels and
no maps to speak of.

The corners taverns and intriguing
side doors
that our detours have unearthed!
One day we will head back this way-

paint this town red,
stairs and everything.
Until then, the ocean
needs no escalating.

And its deep Gods request
that we nap and gawp in wonder,
at their feet.


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