NaPoWriMo #7

She Glows

I am in love with you,
my boyfriend’s girlfriend.

You are noble and beautiful,
and beatific in your indifference.

We can neither of us understand how
you can continue to ignore us,
as we paint your name on all our walls
in wonder.

He has placed you between us on the table
pariah candelabra, spitting
shadows against the wall.

But your eyes are dreamy, docile
as a fresian as they rest on me
and you smell so sweetly
that I can’t help but lean into your light.

The strong line of your upper arms
is lovely, and you laughed
your Sunday lunch heart out with our friends
like a welcome guest.

I am peering at you from behind the door
and you nod kindly,
as from between his clenched fists comes seeping
the secret that we just can’t concentrate
with you breathing like that in the next room.

You float weightless and backward
out of the door, still in your pyjamas
and eat breakfast merrily and alone
outside a greasy spoon, as the sunshines
just for you.


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