NaPoWriMo #5

Notes on Being Itinerant

Are you empty?
And if so, what kind?

An apple for loneliness
a carrot for fatigue,
rice cakes or a petrol station egg triangle
to replace curving your spine around
a warm sofa body.

This train, remember water.
Keep your insides wet
if you hope to keep feeling well
and willing.

Tuck paper inside papers for
the next stop, gather and file.
Keep your clean and dirty
(and almost clean) laundry
in separate sections.

Keep your powder dry.
Be polite to your hosts.

I’ve been thinking about Mexico and
I set myself on fire again, Ma.
So better start today in spitting distance
of love, fill the gap with mothering instinct
and hope I don’t get trampled underfoot.

These people, you know,
if you give them an inch
you’ll never get rid of them.


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