Adelaide, South Australia. January 2014

Now seems like a good time to write a quick blog update, because I spent most of today schlepping around beautiful Adelaide in the 29’C heat, buying props for our show, Folly, which myself and my good friend (musician and co-conspirator Nuala Honan) are here to perform at The Adelaide Fringe. Because we were lucky enough to secure funding from Arts Council England and the British Council’s ‘Artists’ International Development Fund’, we’re able to afford to buy all the props we need and the show is going to look really beautiful. I’ve found props in toy shops, op-shops, bottle-o’s and markets. Hippy shops and factory second stores, and even a park after a storm (we needed a fallen down tree for the set, and we found the perfect one!).

We visited our two main venues this week (The Deli in Thebarton, and The Grace Emily). Both are really great venues and are going to bring something different to the show. I nearly squealed with delight when we saw the space at The Deli for the first time- it is in a garden filled with tropical plants, lanterns and bamboo. I couldn’t have designed a better back drop for Folly!

I’ve also been making forays into the Adelaide poetry scene, meeting poets and popping into open mics. The types and styles of poetry seem to be as diverse as in Bristol. I wondered if I might encounter a certain ‘type’ of poetry, but all the poets I’ve heard so far have been as different from each other as you can imagine. Here’s a brilliant poet that especially caught my ear who I think is brilliant…
The SA poets I’ve met so far have also been super friendly and supportive, in every way from info about poetry events in the area, to offering us lifts to the more hard-to-reach venues.

Our promotional banner for the fringe website was finished this week (see below) and the posters and flyers are almost ready the be printed and flung around the city. Poster, flyer and banner all designed by our good friend and multi-talented artist / poet / international woman of mystery Liz Greenfield. When me and Nuala saw the poster, we both said it looks exactly like we hoped it would, except better. There’s the benefit of being able to pay a real artist to design real quality art for your promo… You get what you hoped, except better. Im feeling very lucky.


We head to Melbourne this week to do a few shows, which I’m really excited about. If email communication is anything to go by, the Melbourne poets seems as friendly and welcoming as the ones here in Adelaide. I’ll post an update of how the shows go (dates below), and the highlights that we find from the Melbourne poetry and arts scene.

In other news… The landscape of South Australia continues to take my breath away. It’s hard to describe, but basically it’s BIG. The sky is big, the sea is big, the horizon is big. As soon as you get even a short way out of the city, the landscape stretches away from you in a kind of long sigh until it hits the edge of the world. I feel like a runaway in a 90s indie film, every time I look out of a train window think there should be a Neil Young song playing in the background.

Also, we’ve been eating a lot of feta and making up a lot of high quality feta puns. I found a giant furry huntsman spider on the curtains and I totally dealt with it like a pro, no screaming. We’ve also become tragically addicted to ‘South Australian Fruit Cup Cordial’. If we don’t come home, expect to find us rattling from too many sugar highs, barricaded into our flat behind thousands of empty bottles of the stuff, with our teeth rotted out. But that probably won’t happen. Probably.

Right, I’m going to make some lunch. Things are getting feta all the time (sorry).



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