Phantom Laundry presents… Dizraeli and Downlow / PremRock + Guests (Thursday Oct 10th)

PHANTOM LAUNDRY is a monthly night at The Attic Bar on Stokes Croft in Bristol that I run with some of the Wandering Word family and VP Productions.

We like poetry, and good words of all kinds. But we also like music and pictures. There are loads of very talented practitioners of all these things in our fair city of Bristol, and beyond. And we don’t see why you can’t have them all in one night.
In October we’re featuring Dizraeli and DJ Downlow from the legendary Small Gods, alongside New York rapper PremRock, who is bringing an amazing new show re-interpretting Tom Waits songs as hip-hop, and beautiful and talented poet Rebecca Tantony who performs with pianist Silver Tortoise. Throughout all this wonderfulness, there’ll be delicious live visuals from the artists at Still Jam, and topping the night off- the fine vinyl mastery of DJ Dad and bristol finest MCs alongside.
Tempted? You can buy tickets here…
We got a beautiful poster too…

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