Review of ‘Sweat-borne Secrets’ in Under The Radar, Issue 11

Under the Radar | Issue Eleven

Deborah Tyler-Bennett reviews:
Sweat-Borne Secrets – Sally Jenkinson (Burning Eye Books, 2012. £5.99)

Sally Jenkinson’s voice is confident, and her imagery often filmic,
confounding the reader’s expectations in the closing lines: “a squashed
show of splattered blackberries / blooms across my heart-place / like
a mean wet kiss” (‘Offering’) being exemplary of this. At her best, she
reaches uncompromising, visually stunning conclusions “curl your toes
over the edge of this town / and look down, it is waiting” (‘However
Big You Think You Are’). Indeed, I found the former her best
poem, full as it was of memorable phrases (“accidental princesses for
Kappa-wearing kings”).

What I wanted was more of the voice, and couldn’t help
wishing that a volume of twelve poems was a volume of twenty,
and that there was more experimentation away from free-verse. Still,
any poetic voice that leaves you wishing there was more of it is
something to be reckoned with, and I think that’s she’s definitely a
poetic voice to watch.



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