Boomtown and Shambala Festival – Wandering Word Stage line-up 2013

Oh my gosh I’m so excited. Boomtown is my birthday weekend and I get to run the best poetry and spoken word stage in the world, along with Pete Hogg and the rest of the brilliant, sparkly, mental Wandering Word crew. Click HERE to see our best Boomtown Line Up ever. If you are at Boomtown festival, come see us. If you have poems to share, even better! We run a slam and an open mic. T

wo weeks after Boomtown, we’re at Shambala Festival at Kelmarsh Hall in Market Harbrough. Its my favourite festival in the whole world. We have a YURT as a venue, and the festival itself manages to be a swirligig of debauched wonderfullness and still be family friendly. I highly recommend it, and not only because we just pinned down our best line-up ever.

See you in the field! x


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