Top 5: Obsessions this week

I have been very busy getting everything together for the Wandering Word Stage that I help to programme at Boomtown and Shambala festivals, and also rehearsing and preparing for ‘Folly’ at The Old Vic this Friday (26th July). Being busy is peak time for obsessions. I am obsessive. Obsessive about a variety of things keep me away from maniacally cleaning the bathroom at 4am.

1) Locked-In Syndrome

2) Chaz Bono

3) What has happened to Deryck Wibley, formally of SUM41 fame?

4) All the languages spoken in South Africa.

5) Sky Burials

‘Folly’ at The Bristol Old Vic for Ferment Fornight

Only a few day until we perform Folly at The Bristol Old Vic as part of Ferment Fortnight (BOV’s programme for new and developping work). We’re debuting some new live visual from artis and film maker Ben Dowden, who I am pretty much falling over myself with joy to have working with us. The visuals are so beautiful, and they draw all these other elements out of the story and weave around the words and the music… ‘Folly’ is turning into exactly the show I hopes it would be in my wildest dreams. I’m feeling very lucky today.

‘Folly’ Bristol Old Vic Studio, King St, Bristol. Friday 26th July, 8.15BOV Ferment Front Postcard

An Award. A N. A W A R D!

Here we are. This is wierd and awesome. I have been nominated for a Poetry Can South West Poetry Award. I’m very excited. The other nominees are my very good friend (and brilliant poet) Jonny Fluffypunk, and also a poet that I admire and respect so very much, Alice Oswald. So I cannot possibly win, because they are both amazing. But I am very honoured to be considered. Awards are wierd, but exciting.

Review of ‘Sweat-borne Secrets’ in Under The Radar, Issue 11

Under the Radar | Issue Eleven

Deborah Tyler-Bennett reviews:
Sweat-Borne Secrets – Sally Jenkinson (Burning Eye Books, 2012. £5.99)

Sally Jenkinson’s voice is confident, and her imagery often filmic,
confounding the reader’s expectations in the closing lines: “a squashed
show of splattered blackberries / blooms across my heart-place / like
a mean wet kiss” (‘Offering’) being exemplary of this. At her best, she
reaches uncompromising, visually stunning conclusions “curl your toes
over the edge of this town / and look down, it is waiting” (‘However
Big You Think You Are’). Indeed, I found the former her best
poem, full as it was of memorable phrases (“accidental princesses for
Kappa-wearing kings”).

What I wanted was more of the voice, and couldn’t help
wishing that a volume of twelve poems was a volume of twenty,
and that there was more experimentation away from free-verse. Still,
any poetic voice that leaves you wishing there was more of it is
something to be reckoned with, and I think that’s she’s definitely a
poetic voice to watch.


Boomtown and Shambala Festival – Wandering Word Stage line-up 2013

Oh my gosh I’m so excited. Boomtown is my birthday weekend and I get to run the best poetry and spoken word stage in the world, along with Pete Hogg and the rest of the brilliant, sparkly, mental Wandering Word crew. Click HERE to see our best Boomtown Line Up ever. If you are at Boomtown festival, come see us. If you have poems to share, even better! We run a slam and an open mic. T

wo weeks after Boomtown, we’re at Shambala Festival at Kelmarsh Hall in Market Harbrough. Its my favourite festival in the whole world. We have a YURT as a venue, and the festival itself manages to be a swirligig of debauched wonderfullness and still be family friendly. I highly recommend it, and not only because we just pinned down our best line-up ever.

See you in the field! x