BBC Radio 4 – Wondermentalist Cabaret!

I recorded a set for lovely lovely Matt Harvey’s Radio 4 Wondermentalist Cabaret over a year ago… I’d almost forgotten about it…
But but but but… its going to be on! On the real life BBC Radio 4! Tuesday night 11pm. Eeeep! The dream of being a continuity announcer is far from over!

Here’s a link…

2 thoughts on “BBC Radio 4 – Wondermentalist Cabaret!

  1. Hi Sally,

    Sorry to bother you, I imagine you’re terribly busy. I write poetry myself. I saw you at this event and thought it was a fabulous festival and great to see the BBC supporting poetry of this sort.

    I was hoping to chat to you after the recording but lost you in the melee.

    It was really inspiring to see a young woman exhibiting her work on such a prestigious national platform. I’ve submitted work to R4 but found it incredibly difficult to find an ‘in’. This may be down to my work not being suitable (good enough). But before i resign myself to that, I just wondered if there were any process or etiquette? I feel if I had a greater understanding of how these things worked, I might stand a better chance. If you’ve got any tips you could share, or better still, tell us how you personally ended up getting air play, I’m sure I’m not the only person who’d be grateful for the advice and keen to read your story.

    Thanks, well done and best of luck.

    Looking forward to hearing the recording.

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