I like touching.

I’m as tactile as they come.

I don’t always understand or believe the things people say to me.

But touch. There’s a plea bargain you can’t argue with.

Even if only for the exact moment that its actually happening in, it is never a lie.

You can’t pretend to touch someone.

And what’s the point in sitting around looking like a guardian supplement photograph?

I want to know all of you. I’ve got no time for someone who won’t hold my hand while I am pissing by the side of a river, too drunk to be sure of my own bent knees.

I will dig around under the surface, mining your body’s bad excess with simiam diligence.

Skimming the skin, looking for evidence of a life well lived.

Licking the scar tissue, picking at a sinewy history. I heard a man say there’s no point hoping for a better past.

Chartering this new story. Gobbling the gossipy meat of it with glee. Chewing the gristle. Taking notes. I am an amateur cartographer.

It’s easier to talk this way, both facing the same way. Like how it’s easier to talk to your mam as a teenager when she is in the drivers seat and you’re in the passenger seat and you’re both looking at the road.

Tell me your name.

One day I will come home, rush in ruddy cheeked from the cold and tell you – someone asked if they could borrow my Kalashnikov, but I’ve thrown it in the lake!

There are all these rules, but there’s only a semi tone between B and C. Some people don’t know that.

The way I see things is mostly like this- Its all a bit heavy now with all this stuff weighing us down, but it’d be a shame if you chipped off before I’d even made you my amazing spaghetti meatballs.

They havn’t got any meat in.

Try to keep it cheerful, y’know.


HOWARD MARKS – Phantom Laundry

Me and a glorious band of brothers and sisters (namely DJ Dad, Mr Pete Hogg and VP Productions and STILL JAM) are working on a brand new project called PHANTOM LAUNDRY, a night of Spoken Word / Poetry / Music / Live Art / Performance Cabaret and Variety Show Excellence of the Highest Order… With DJs.

Our big shiny launch night is on Thursday 7th of March at THE ATTIC bar in BRISTOL and features none other than the incomparable HOWARD MARKS. Yes, actual international drugs baron and writer of bestselling books Howard Marks. Mr Nice. We’re so excited we could wee ourselves. You can buy tickets here. Click this link.

HOWARD MARKS. With musical support from The awesome TRIANGULATORS, and live art projections from STILL JAM. I can’t wait.

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